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Piano Lesson

Music Theory, Harmony

Instrument:    Music Theory, Harmony, Analysis, Counter Point, Music History
Length:              30 | 60 | 90 Minutes
Age:                    6+ | Adult & Adult beginner
Level:                 Beginner | Intermediate | Expert 
RCM Exam Compatible:    Yes
Start Date:      
Throughout the year
Term:  Flexible (no-commitment) | Year program(44 Lessons)
Genre:               All

Music Theory, Harmony, Analysis, Counter Point, Music History lessons are currently available with the teachers listed below and are open to all ages 6 and above.  Students must have access to their instrument for practice at home.  A method book will also be required, and we advise that you wait until your first lesson before purchasing a book so that the teacher can assess and recommend appropriately, which book to purchase.  The instrument & additional supplies are available for purchase and/or rent from our school.  Please refer to our Rentals page for further details on instrument rentals.

Students are taught through Suzuki, RCM and GTA Strings curriculum.

Lessons are provided in-person(when available) and in virtual setting: ZoomSkype.

Start with the Trial lesson(no commitment) and switch year program at any time.



Violin | Piano| Music Theory| Harmony

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Melissa Curic

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