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Martin Hernandez

Drums, Percussion

Mr. Martin a professional drummer from Puebla, Mexico, based in Toronto, Canada.
During my musical journey, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to study with some of the best drum educators and musicians like; Tino Contreras, Matt Starr, Stephane Chamberland, Gary Chaffee, Juan “Carlito” Mendoza, Larnell Lewis, and Henrique De Almeida.
In addition, I got my Bachelor of Music degree from Humber College, one of the best music programs in Canada.


One of his most significant achievements has been producing and recording his EP (The Milestone) accompanied by incredibly talented musicians.

His passion for teaching came from his mentors. "They showed me the value of each piece of information and how difficult it was to access it at some points. Thanks to their patience and knowledge put into each lesson, I was able to open my mind to new ideas and concepts that made me have a better understanding of this beautiful instrument and its role in music.

I will always be grateful to them for their time invested in me and everything they shared." - he says, "Now it’s my turn to pass it on to you."


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