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Justina Wong

Violin, Piano, Ensembles

Justina is a violinist, pianist, and an OCT-certified elementary school music teacher based in downtown Toronto. She has been working with students from kindergarten to Grade 8 to foster their love and appreciation for various instruments, and teaches the ukulele, guitar, violin, drums, and piano in her music program. 

She loves a variety of music genres, and is always looking for ways to incorporate them into her music lessons. Her main goal is to develop students’ socio-emotional skills through group performances, while providing them with foundational techniques required of growing musicians to excel. She is continuously learning to develop her teaching methods for young musicians, and has been enjoying accompanying the Baby Piano group. 

She has completed her ARCT in violin under the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has attained her Bachelor of Music Education through the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. In her free time, Justina enjoys playing around with different instruments, arranging music and performing music with her family and friends.

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