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Amy has been an RECE for 18 years, is registered with the CECE and proactively expands her training into support areas such as curriculum development, children’s literature, sign language and speech development, allergy awareness, first aid and CPR. Amy plays the guitar and is a participant of the Association of Early Childhood Music in Ontario. 

Amy uses her work experience at early learning centers, schools in the private sector and not for profit nursery schools, along with her education background and additional training to correlate child development with music and provide appropriate activities in movement and art. 

Inspired by the natural inquisitiveness of children and their abilities to explore and absorb, Amy sees learning as a dynamic process in which the teacher and child progress and discover knowledge together; it is this co-working relationship that draws in the children and creates bonds of trust. Amy, a mother of 3 children, is committed to the growth of the whole-self and integrates this way of interacting with her Baby Piano students to bring out their true best selves while in her care.

Amy trains KSM staff to more creatively and effectively approach our youngest students. 

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Amy Rejante

Early Childhood Education

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